Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Google Classroom@EPS

This year we have introduced Google Classroom to all classes from Years 3-6. Google Classroom is part of a suite of cloud based Google Apps we have available with our school domain.

Each child from Years 3-6 has their own Google account, which is secure within the school's domain and allows them to access the apps and work in an online environment. They also have their own email account attached.

In Google Classroom, teachers have the ability to:

  1. Set tasks either individually, in small groups or whole class
  2. Monitor student progress through these tasks in real time
  3. Facilitate and monitor online discussions
  4. Give feedback both during and post completion of the tasks
  5. Attach content for students to view in their own time
  6. Connect with other classes and participate in online projects.
Students have the ability to:
  1. Retrieve tasks and view related content in various forms
  2. Create content to complete these tasks using any of the Google Suite of apps, or upload content created outside Google Apps e.g videos, animations, MS Office apps etc.
  3. Collaborate online with other students in real time
  4. Participate in online discussions and give feedback to other students on collaborative tasks
  5. Communicate with their teacher and seek clarification regarding tasks
  6. Submit their tasks and build a digital portfolio of their work
  7. Connect with other classes both within and beyond the school and participate in online projects.
Both students and teachers have found Google Classroom to be highly engaging and a very useful tool to support learning both within and outside the classroom.

Currently, parents do not have direct access to Google Classroom. This feature will be available later in the year. Parents can view their child/children's work by logging in to Google Classroom using their child/children's school Google account. 

I have attached a brief introductory video which gives parents a great insight into how Google Classroom works from both a teacher's and student's perspective. Please be aware that the content in this video is American. Our teachers have tailored their Google Classrooms to the Victorian Curriculum.

Please watch this space for future posts regarding what's happening in eLearning at EPS.

Thank you
John Kent
Leading Teacher - Digital Technologies.

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